The first Complex Needs schools tennis competition took place at Sportspark on February 28th. 

5 schools brought 2 teams each, Clare, Harford Manor & Hall schools from Norwich. Sidestrand from Cromer and John Grant from Yarmouth. 

Coaches Derek Perry and Kim Burgess ran the sessions, with Norfolk LTA Disability Coordinator Norma Bowen assisting. 9 excellent UEA student came to help the coaches. 

Over 40 children took part in the competition. The schools were split into A and B teams, doing identical activities on different sides. In the morning they rotated round practicing 5 different activities. 

The first was throwing mini tennis balls into baskets, the next was throwing bean bags into baskets. Followed by serving into a box, with hoops inside for bonus points! The next activity was returning serve to a circle of cones, and extra points if a cone was hit! Finally, they rallied with the student helpers, up to a maximum of 15 continuous hits.

Then after lunch the actual scored competition took place. 

In group A, the winners were Clare school, with Harford Manor runners up.

The winners in group B were Sidestrand school, with Harford Manor runners up again.

2 representatives from Norfolk LTA Inclusive tennis sponsors, Busseys were invited to present the medals to both winners and runners up.

The children and teachers all had a great time, with every child receiving a certificate for taking part.

Everyone is looking forward to next year already!

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