US University Tennis Scholarships are a great way of continuing to develop your game whilst studying a degree. Scholarships are offered on the basis of both academic and tennis playing ability, at universities across America. Students can receive upto 100% bursaries and more and more young players are taking up this great opportunity.

Norfolk LTA spoke to nineteen year old, Micheal Digby about his experiences. Mike was a regular at Norfolk LTA training sessions before embarking on his scholarship in 2016.

I left for my University in Michigan unsure of what to expect but hearing such great things about tennis at American universities. When I arrived I met the head coach and two players on the team, one also from England and one from South Africa. Having players from the same country helped a lot at the first.

Our off season training starts as soon as we arrive back from the summer break. This is always the toughest time of year. Every week we have weight training and lots of track running, along with training on the court as well. Each sports team has its own physical trainer and physio, so any treatment you need during the week theyre always around to help, which is great and really professional.

The season itself is what I always look forward too. You play so many matches in so many different parts of the country. We travel to Florida, Indiana, Wiscosin and many more places in America. Its an incredible experience that you wont get anywhere else.

Whilst the tennis side is amazing, you also have a great opportunity to get a degree. Its such a unique experience as you are able to combine both tennis and studying without letting one affect the other.

Having a team around you is priceless. You’re like one big family, encouraging and supporting each other on and off the court. All in all, an amazing experience that brings so many opportunities, especially in tennis.


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