East Anglian Junior Open 2017 – Grade 3

April 9-15

Code: nor17s0148

Contact: derekperry44@gmail.com


Cromer Junior Open 2017 – Grade 3

July 31st – Aug 5th

Code: nor17so067

Contact: carolaurie@ruhleben.wannadoo.co.uk


Norwich Parks 2017 – Grade 4

Aug 13-19th

Code: nor17so542

Contact: chris@eatennis.com


Cromer Seniors Open – Grade 3

Aug 14-19th

Code: nor17so068

Contact: carolaurie@ruhleben.wannadoo.co.uk


Hunstanton 2017 – Grade 6

Aug 20-26th

Code: nor17so088

Contact: mail@chrisholtphotographic.co.uk


The Norfolk Closed 2017 – Grade 3

Aug 28th – Sept 3rd


Contact: derekperry44@gmail.com

Something else to look out for is The Road to Wimbledon tournament. This is an event for u/14s, with the early rounds being played at local level before progressing to national finals at Wimbledon! Check with your local club or school to see if they are running an event. The county finals will be played on 15/16th July.


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